StarWars is one of the most popular movies ever./

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May 16, 2015 08:55
StarWars is one of the most popular movies ever.
The first version of the movie was shown in 1980 so, it is about 35 years ago, but it is still popular until now.
There are some ways to watch the movie.

Waiting for broadcast on TV, renting a DVD or buying and watching via the internet these days.
I bought the movie using Apple TV.
However Japanese subtitle automatically added when I use Japanese Apple ID so I got the America’s Apple ID.

You can watch the movie with English subtitle if you have America’s Apple ID.
I watch my favorite movie many times so if I watch it with English subtitle, it's good for my studying.
I started to watch the movie since yesterday, subtitles are a little small.
I don’t know how to turn off the subtitle, it might be annoying to watch it for native English speakers.
(I can’t find the feature where I can turn on and off the subtitle)