The world is too big that we can only know a small part of it.

Yesterday,I talked with a friend by telephone who has widely knowledge and is persuasive.through his words,I was aware of my ignorance and incapability.when people talk together,I always have no words to say.Because I know few about the things they talking about ,so I have a poor human relationship.The friend commanded me some books to read.And he suggested that I should communicate with others more.
But the most important view is that if you don't go and see outside,you will think the world is what you live now.
xiaoxue- Mar 29, 2012


Mar 30, 2012 racha123
Hi Xiaxue
what are you talking about happens to me all the time , first because my little knowledge about lot of things , second because sometimes when there is a language barrier even if there is some knowledge is hard to express it out whiche make me just feel frustrated , helpless yet, when we're far away from our real world the situation becomes worst which is my actuel situation all my word is my house , kids and some books and TV.
The other day I was watching a program and felt so bad because the people in that program talk about lot of basic things that I ignore sometimes I just blame myself or the time that my famous execuse not getting educated specialy these days and age the knowledge is accessible and almost free bu who bothers!
What really bother me most is that all those knowledgable people are like us they breath the same air, walk on the same ground so why we cann't be like them ,why not be a person who knows about things in this life , has a way to express the self, and puts accros his /her ideas
Finaly my friend let me tell you and tell my self if you want it go get it by reading , educating , efford time for it and the most important has the wiling and the commitment

AT the end I hope somebody read my comment and correct it, thanks in advance
Mar 31, 2012 EmiLaBella
That is a very good outlook on life. Yes, we should try to learn more about the world around us. I certainly agree with your friend and I have had this happen to me too.

This is one of the reasons why I joined Lang-8 and why I created these two groups. I wanted to learn more about people from other countries and to get to know more about the world. It is amazing how much you can learn about another country when you speak to someone who is from there. I have made many friends and have learned so much about so many different countries. racha123 you have a good point too. Thank you for sharing this.

Thank you for sharing this!

Let me ask this question. What is something we can all do individually to get to know more about a culture that we have never known before? What do you do to help yourself become more educated in the world around you?
Apr 13, 2012 racha123
Hi everybody
Well, I think there are lot of ways to learn about othres cultures. first of all by reading books , searching on Internet, or better yet travelling to thoses countries but of course if we need to learn about them we should first at least have a basic knowledge of their languages so reading about them with your own language seems be the most doable way .
And if we want to educated ourselves about the world around us again we should search , read, be alwayes updated about things , watch and listen news, programs that too a good way to be in cast about what's going on in the entire world .
Finaly , I hope somebody correct my mistakes, I would be very grateful