Chinese writing on the computer

Hi guys

I want to write Chinese here bud i dont know how i can type characters on my computer !

Thanks in advance
Tim Aug 20, 2008


Aug 20, 2008 我是文
there's lots of software to type in Chinese.Microsoft has some,but it is diffcult to type.Most of my friends and I choose "搜狗".It's much easier to type words and characters.You could download it here: Then type it in pinyin .
For example: 你们好you could type "nimenhao " or sometime
"nmhao"is enough.You'd better try to type the whole part of pinyin,not the short forms like"nm".you could type chraters ,words,or sentences in one time as you like.
你们(nimen )好(hao)我(wo)想(xiang)在(zai)这(zhe)写(xie)汉语(hanyu)

Attention plz,there's no space between those pinyin..........

If you have any question,feel free to ask me!
Aug 20, 2008 我是文
And also ,there's another kind of input method,through this ,you can't type chraters in pinyin.It's called"五笔输入法".It's much more faster to type chraters than in pinyin.But also before you began to type,you should remember some "字根",Each of the letter represents some part of Chracters,you need to know which letter represents which kind of part of Chracter.
In these kind of inputmethod,you could type a chracter in 4 times of clickin the keyboard at most.Usually 2~3 is enough to type one chracter.It's really diffcult when you begin to type.But later ,you would feel it's much easier and faster than in pinyin.
Anyway,it depends on you.I suggest Pinyin for Chinese learners.
Aug 21, 2008 Tim
Thanks for the comments guys !
I'm now using a program that was already installed on my computer. If I write in Pinyin then Chinese characters will appear. It's nice
It's easier to write in pinyin ofcourse bud i think i will type the most that i can in characters with a mix of pinyin !

Thanks guys !