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Now I bring the origin and meaning of the onomatopoeia: nom nom nom (ナムナムナム)

Monkeygirl Jul 21, 2010


Jul 21, 2010

It reminds me words related in praying. When we say "なむなむ", we might imagine thesituation that parent(s) told their kid(s) to pray before the Buddhist alter. Such as "なむなむしなさい."

The equivalent onomatopeia when we eat is "むしゃむしゃ/musha musha" or "ばくばく/ baku baku." :)
Jul 21, 2010
I like this group and want to say thank you for opening the group. I'm having so much fun here!
This vidoe is very cute and I didn't know this "nom nom nom" thing until I watched this video. Thank you for posting it!

I agreed with Taka.R. I tell my kids "namu namu shite" when we go to a temple or to a memorial park, which means to make a prayer with your hands in gassho.

I say "am am shite" to my two-year-old daughter when I want her to eat more, but I'm going to use this "nom nom nom" instead :)
Jul 21, 2010 richards elliot
It's funny how words different from language to language especially for sounds produced by animals... as if like us humans they talked a different language from country to country ふふふ hahaha :D