Step Brothers Sweet Child O'Mine

I think they're awesome and funny! You can also find many parodies of this on Youtube. Please check it out.

Jul 16, 2010


Jul 16, 2010 Bissen
Haha, that was pretty good! Thanks for sharing!
Jul 16, 2010 Satoko♡
Wow, awesome family!! But, I don't want to ride on it. X-D
Jul 16, 2010
I'm glad you guys like it :)
Here's one of the funniest parodies, which is my son's favorite.

Jul 17, 2010 Satoko♡
Wow, they are so funny!
I love not only their "crystal" voinces but also their facial expressions!!! :-D
Jul 20, 2010
They're doing lip syncing, but they're really good at it!!
Jul 20, 2010 Satoko♡
Oh, really? I didn't notice it at all!! They are so great!! :-D
えぇ?! 口パクだったんですか???
すご~い!!! *^0^*
Jul 21, 2010 richards elliot
I like the way they both behave like kids xD

Jul 23, 2010
Oh, no,,,,,