Japanese style Beyoncé - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

This was a video I happened to find. I enjoyed seeing this different version with the use of fans. Please enjoy.
Monkeygirl Jul 12, 2010


Jul 14, 2010 Satoko♡
Wow, cool!
All of them are Japanese?
They must have been called "ku no ichi", if they had been born in old age. :-D
Jul 14, 2010 Monkeygirl
Ooh! Thank you. I have learned a new term.
くノ一(konoichi) which is a type of 女忍者 (female ninja)?
Yes, I think you might be right! ハハハ
They used a strong special type of fan (鉄扇 tessen).
Jul 15, 2010
This video reminds me "JULIANA'S TOKYO" :D

Jul 17, 2010 Me_encantan_los_idomas
Thanks for sharing the video. Kunoichi is a female ninja. I learned that from watching Naruto.