Japanese words

Could anyone type in some words and meanings in japanese that i
might want to know? I am a first year student learning japanese so
please no kanji.

First, I would like to know how to say "to want."
Like "I want a new bike."
Tomek Jun 20, 2008


Jun 20, 2008 Sa-chan
Hoshii is the word for want. Be careful though, hoshi means star. To say want make sure you hold the "i' sound.
Jun 21, 2008 mariedesu
I'm curious also, how would you use that in a simple sentence?
Jun 21, 2008 Exis Night
I want a new bike
- atarashii jitensha ga hoshii
- 新しい自転車がほしい

The pattern is [the thing you want] + ga hoshii. There's another pattern using the ~tai verb suffix.

I want Chinese for dinner.
- chuuka o tabetai
- 中華を食べたい

You should learn both.

Jun 30, 2008 Tomek
Thank you. I have been reading a book called "Japanese Step-by-Step" by Gene Nishi and it's really helping. I also got something called "Kanji Cards" which make learning kanji easy. I read through my book and whenever I see some type of kanji a lot, I look it up. I started teaching myself kanji and i already recognize at least 30.

私は日本語が下手です。  <- pretty sad sentence :P
I still need to practice writing kanji.
Jun 30, 2008 Sneaky
For writing kanji, I highly recommend this site:

what would you like to say?

How about more examples with the same sentence structure as above?

この ほん が ほしい です。 I want this book

この ほん が すき です。  I like this book.

この ほん が きらい です。  I dislike this book.

わたし は にほんご が じょうず です。 I am good at Japanese.

にほんご が とくい です。 I am good at Japanese. (My forte is Japanese)
Jul 1, 2008 Locz
well i belive "kudasai" would be ok. right guys?
Jul 8, 2008

if youre at a store and ask staff that you want {A}, you can say either. (its ok to use, A がほしいです or A をください)

but if you want to just express your feeling that you want {A} to your friend or someone, you cannot say "A をください".

hope you got it!!! :-)
Jul 13, 2008 酢七面鳥

I hate it!


I love it.


It is so-so.