Delete a thread

Konnichiwa. ogenki desu ka? I have something I've been wondering
about. Is there a way to delete a thread I made in a group where
Posted in? I want to do it when I want to delete one.

If somebody knows, please tell me.
Bosss Apr 6, 2008


Apr 6, 2008 yangyang
Hello, Iwark : )
If you are the Administrator of the group, you can delete a thread.
As the picture.
1,Plase click the "Read more"
2,Plase click the "edit"
3,Plase click the "delete"

If you are not the Administrator of the group, you can send message to the Administrator to delete the thread.
Apr 6, 2008 Bosss
Kono shisuado wa dare desu ka?
Apr 7, 2008 yangyang
You can find who is the Administrator of a group at the Group Top page : )