How to Download Free E-books

You can get free copies of my E-books:

• Ghost Light = my first English novel (good for practicing English)

• EIGO RESTART! = English study book 100% translated into Japanese

Just follow these 3 very easy steps:

(1) Download the free Kindle app from the Internet. Just type the words “Kindle app” on your Internet browser.

You can put the Kindle app in almost any device that you are using (smartphone, Android phone, Android tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, Windows 8 tablet, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc.)

(2) Visit and check if the ebooks have already become free.

The Free Promo period will start on March 29, 2014 (around 5 p.m. Tokyo Time and 12 a.m. Seattle Time). It will last until April 1.

(3) Download your free e-books. Happy reading! :-)

Edward Mar 29, 2014