A and The

when writing essays i tend to get corrected between my "a" and "the".

A new beginning OR The new beginning?

May i know the difference between these two?
newbie Mar 26, 2014


Mar 26, 2014 Edward
"A" is also called the Indefinite Article while "the" is called the Definite Article. This is because they refer to general or first-time-mentioned things and specific things respectively.


I'm hoping for A new beginning.

This story needs A new beginning.

THE new beginning has dawned for the village.

THE new beginning he wrote for the essay sucks.

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Mar 26, 2014 newbie
what is indefinite and definite article?
Mar 29, 2014 Edward
I just told you.

There are only three Articles in the English language: a, an, the

Indefinite Articles: a & an

Definite Article: the

Got it?