Invitation to the Quill


We are creating an English writing circle by non-native speakers where the articles could encourage one another and keep the pen (quill) flowing.

We would like to invite you to write on our starting magazine The Quill.

The Quill is a non-profit free monthly magazine dedicated to promoting writing in the second language and cultural exchanges. Its circulation is online for an international base of contributors and audiences.

There is no constraint on topics or formats, contributors could write on anything from gardening ideas to science fictions, poems to jokes, with interesting and original contents to promote cultural exchanges that benefit each other and to keep the flame of writing burning.

The Quill cordially invites you to participate and looks forward to publicizing your posts along with others’. If you are interested, please send us ( piece of refined writing with your name (or nickname),your email and preferably a short introduction to others or any other comments, by 31 Aug. In the finished edition you will also find articles written by other authors of different backgrounds like you =)

Most importantly, we wish to kindle the interest in writing among language learners and help one another excel in their language studies with perseverance, discipline and interest in writing =)

Your courage and efforts are most wanted other than proficiency. I am sure it will be a highly rewarding experience.

The Quill
Olive Aug 24, 2012