Anisong/Jrock Aspiring Girl

Hey everyone! I'm Hanabi and I'm a 15 year old girl from Florida :D. I'm pursuing my dream to become a anisong/jrock singer in Japan someday. I post my singing and dancing videos on youtube and I'll soon start vlogging in Japanese to hone my speaking skills ^^. I want to talk to lots of people who share my same love for learning language, performing arts, and music of all types! Leave me a comment on my YT if you're one of those people xD

Here's my most recent song cover:

はなび♡ Jun 2, 2012


Jun 3, 2012 Satoko♡
Wow, you are very good at not only Japanese but also singing! Amazing! ^^
Jun 7, 2012 はなび♡
Thank you so much! (-^^-)