Learn From Your Mistakes

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Aug 1, 2016 03:04 personal-development diary blog English learn-from-mistakes
July 30.

That is an interesting topic. Throughout my life I've had a lot of ups and downs, and, of course, I wanted to maximize the "ups".

Recent days have been very productive. I can only count them as "ups". Except for today. After all these successful days, I had a really bad one. That hooked me. Why? What is the reason for that? I had to find the answer, so I could prevent it from happening again. What was my mistake?

I pondered for some time, and a very interesting thought came to me. There was something different about this day. Something, I didn't do during the previous, successful days. I had a lot of spare time, which I decided to use on one of my projects. That's fine, BUT I didn't have a detailed plan. The task was vague and relatively big. Something like "complete this project". The result - I was not productive and could not focus on one thing. I felt powerless and the rest of the day went downhill.

What is the lesson here? Learn from your mistakes. Compare your good and bad experience.

My mistake was that I spent a lot of time on the vague, big task. I should have had a plan. It is a good lesson. I will pay more attention to that in the future.