Do NOT Read Books! Listem to them :)

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Nov 24, 2016 14:38 diary personal-development books advice
Hi, folks!

Today, I want to talk about audiobooks and why I gave up on reading books in favor of listening to them.

I've never was much into reading. It was something I knew I have to do to get some knowledge. In the end, almost every successful, smart, and truly great people read a lot of books.
Those who foster a habit of reading irreversibly succeed in life.

Here're my reasons why you should listen to books instead of reading.

It Saves Your Time

Indeed. Just think about it. You can listen to an audiobook while driving a car or preparing a dinner, shopping in the grocery store or doing exercise. With reading, you should always find a time during the day which you dedicate especially to reading.

No Eye Strain

Excessive use of computers, mobile phones, and TV challenge our eyes as never before. Reading a book is yet another additional strain. Audiobook gives your eyes an opportunity to rest and recover.

Less Struggle

This one could be personal, but I find that it is so much easier to listen to a book instead of reading. Voice, intonation, rhythm of the speaker helps to understand the material better.

In conclusion, whether you agree or not it's up to you. I suggest you give it a try. For me, it was a missing puzzle. Now, I finish 1 or 2 books every month just listening to them while cooking, exercising or doing something else.