Small Things Shape Us

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Aug 2, 2016 06:23 personal-development diary blog English
July 31.

It is amazing how even small things or random decisions can change our life. We usually don't see that. It is only when we look back, we notice what truly had a profound effect on our life.

In this post, I'm going to tell about what these things were for me.

The Books

Books are an unlimited source of information. Truly. Books can help you to find a solution to almost ANY problem bothering you at this very moment.
Here are books that changed me in many ways:
1. Dale Carnegie "How To Win Friends and Influence People";
2. Abraham Maslow "Psychology of Being";
3. Brian Tracy "Eat That Frog!";
4. Erik Bertrand Larssen "Hell Week: Seven Days to Be Your Best Self".

TV series

When I started to watch the "Friends" TV series, I didn't know what a profound effect it would have on my life.

I've been studying English since my school years, at that university. Most of the time it has been a journey through the darkness. It wasn't until I started to watch "Friends" that I finally dived into English. It was not only learning, it also was a lot of fun. That kept me going, until one day, I could understand EVERY word they were saying. After that, I started to read books in English, visit speaking clubs, and here I am studying in the US.

Music school & guitar

When I was nine years old, my parents decided that I should play a musical instrument. So, I started to go to music school. I didn't like it back then, but I am very grateful now. I love music. I love to play guitar and write my own songs. I could not imagine how different my life would be without that.