The Power of Persuasion

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Aug 7, 2016 13:04 personal-development diary blog English
Aug 5.

I love my English classes. Our teachers work hard to give us as much knowledge as possible. My English are skyrocketing!

Our home assignment for today was to find an example of persuasive writing/speaking to share with the class. It could have been a television commercial or an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper.

My piece was a video about a Kickstarter project - the Nura. The headphones that learn and adapt to your unique hearing.

I carefully analyzed the video and was amused by how many persuasive strategies they incorporated into 3 minutes. That is a piece of art, my friends:

They used 4 persuasive strategies:
1. Logos (appeal to logic)
They showed that we all hear differently, and explained why.

2. Pathos (appeal to emotions)
They showed the emotions of people when they listened to music with these headphones. Their amusement, happiness. When you see those people, you can almost feel it yourself.

3. Ethos (showing their credibility and authority)
Of course, they mention their background, the months of studies, and the team of experts. "We measured countless ears to make these headphones as cozy as possible."

4. Kairos (right or opportune moment)
Limited time frame, the higher retail price made it very difficult to resist backing this project.

What were the results? The project funded successfully in a week, instead of 30 days. As we say, live and learn.
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