Statement of Purpose to my Research Paper

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Jul 24, 2016 20:40 personal-development blog diary essay English
June 23.

I dedicated the whole day to the writing statement of purpose for my future research paper. I think I choose a quite interesting topic, take a look :)

Problems in the Learning of Foreign Languages in Ukrainian Schools

Learning a foreign language has always been a controversial subject and the main topic for many disputes, especially in the context of school education. Of course, Ukrainian schools are not an exception. In my essay, I want to cover the problems that students face in learning a foreign language in Ukrainian schools. This topic concerns me, as I studied a foreign language throughout my school years and witnessed the fruitless results of this education. I intend to analyze the strategies that Ukrainian schools apply in foreign language courses; more specifically, I will address the flexibility of educational programs and their ability to adapt based on the received feedback. The purpose of this paper is to find possible solutions to discovered problems, solutions which could be implemented in existing educational institutions.

To develop this thesis, I am planning to carry out further research, using credible sources such as official statistics, newspapers, and educational journals. I will utilize both Ukrainian and English sources for a bigger scope of information. Moreover, I am going to employ the strategies we learned during our English course, including annotation, identifying PIE elements, context clues, and others. I will start the essay with an outline of the main idea and its supporting reasons to help the reader get an overview of the topics I cover in my research. For each body paragraph, I will choose a specific problem, and by synthesizing and paraphrasing the collected information, I am going to suggest a possible solution to the problem. In the conclusion of my thesis, I will call to action, using Aristotle's rhetorical strategies, pathos, logos, and kairos, showing the importance and urgency of this problem.

To conclude, I am very intrigued with the main idea of this paper, and I expect it to be not only informative but also persuasive. My hope is that it will find an application in the existing Ukrainian educational system.

Research paper: