Yubune (湯船 - Bathtub)

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Mar 22, 2018 09:09 English essay
Most Japanese houses have 湯船 (yubune).

湯 (yu) means "hot water," 船 (fune/bune) means "boat," and "yubune" is a large container to keep hot water for bath, that is to say, it's a bathtub.

In the Edo period in Japan, the custom of getting in a bathtub became gradually popular.

At that time, 銭湯 (sento - public bath house) was common, but the number of "sento" was limited because it needed a lot of hot water.

Because of this, a mobile bath house made by renovating a boat was born.

This is the derivation of the Japanese word 湯船 (yubune - lit. a hot water boat).






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