Kahō wa Nete Mate (果報は寝て待て - Everything Comes to Those who Wait)

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Jul 17, 2018 20:33 Egnlish essay
Kahō wa Nete Mate

A Japanese TV show conducted an interesting survey related to Japanese proverbs.

The targets are Japanese people over 80 years old, and the question is "What is the proverb that you don't believe?"

The first place proverb was "kahō wa nete mate" (果報は寝て待て).

'Kahō' (果報) means 'happiness' or 'compensation,' 'nete' (寝て) means 'to sleep,' and 'mate' (待て) means 'to wait.'

That is to say, this proverb means that happiness will come if you wait comfortably (after doing what you should do).

Note that it doesn't mean that happiness will come if you are lazy.

The reason why this proverb wasn't believed might be that many Japanese people thought that it would mean the latter.




「果報」は 'happiness' や 'compensation,' 「寝て」は 'to sleep,' そして「待て」は 'to wait' を意味します。