A Banned Word

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Jan 26, 2016 11:26 English essay
Few days ago, it was a hot topic that Japanese television stations put up the phrase "頑張れ (go for it)" as a candidate of banned words.

Apparently, someone seems to have made a complaint such as that the phrase gives us the pressure.

However, I can't understand the reason well.

"頑張れ" is a generic phrase that is used when you cheer someone, and I have used it well.

I heard a complaint like "I feel annoyed when someone said '頑張れ' to me, because I'm already working hard," but if I'm in the situation, I will be so impressed when I heard someone say that.

There seem to be a gap in how to feel for the phrase even among Japanese.

This may be because the phrase have several meanings, such as "hang in there," "do your best," "good luck," and "you can do it."

We need to pay attention.