Ohana (お花 - One's Favorite)

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Jul 13, 2018 21:49 Egnlish essay
Previously, I introduced you to the phrase "ohana tsumi ni iku" (お花摘みに行く - I will go picking flowers) as a code word to mean that you have to go to the bathroom.

Besides, I found that the 'ohana' (お花 - flower) itself is sometimes used as a code word among girls to mean one's favorite.

The kanji, 'hana' (花), can be divided into three parts: '艹' 'イ,' and 'ヒ.'

Here, by tilting '艹,' it becomes like 'キ.'

Furthermore, by rearranging these three characters, it becomes 'ヒイキ,' which means one's favorite.

This is the reason that 'ohana' (お花 - flower) means 'hiiki' (ヒイキ - one's favorite).

【Example sentence】
"Ano ko wa, sensei no ohana yo" (あの子は先生のお花よ - She is the teacher's favorite.)