Umi no Sachi, Yama no Sachi (海の幸と山の幸) Part 2

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Sep 26, 2019 17:46 English essay
Umi no Sachi, Yama no Sachi Part 2

This entry is continuation of yesterday's post.

Yesterday, I introduced 'umi no sachi' (海の幸), meaning "sea produce," and 'yama no sachi' (山の幸), meaning "mountain harvest."

I explained that 'sachi' (幸) means "products/produce/harvest," but 'sachi' originally meant tools for catching fish or animals, such as fishhooks or arrows.

Later, it came to have the meaning of produce/harvest itself.

Incidentally, since the kanji 幸 often means "happiness," some people think that 'umi no sachi' and 'yama no sachi' are "gifts from the sea" and "gifts from mountains," respectively.
海の幸、山の幸 Part 2


昨日は、"sea produce" を意味する「海の幸」と "mountain harvest" を意味する「山の幸」を紹介しました。

「幸」は "products/produce/harvest" を意味すると説明しましたが、かつて「幸」は、漁猟などで獲物をとる道具(釣り針や弓矢)を意味していました。


ちなみに、「幸」は "happiness" をよく意味することから、「海の幸」「山の幸」を「海からの贈り物」「山からの贈り物」のように考える人もいます。