Daikon Yakusha (Daikon Radish Actor)

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Sep 29, 2016 00:05 English essay
Yesterday, I talked about the word "daikon ashi" (daikon radish legs).

Today, I'd like to talk about the Japanese word "daikon yakusya", which also uses a vegetable daikon radish.

The literal meaning is a daikon radish actor, and expresses an actor who gives a bad performance.

There are various theories about the etymology, but I will show you the two of them today.

One is that almost all dishes of daikon radishes never cause food poisoning ("to have food poisoning" is called "atarru" in Japan), so they came to mean "the actor won't be a big hit" ("to be a hit" is called "ataru" in Japan).

The othe one is that daikon radishes are white ("shiro" in Japanese), so amateurs ("shiroto" in Japanese) came to be called daikon.

I heard that a daikon radish actor is called "a ham actor" in English.







英語圏では、大根役者を "ham actor" と呼ぶそうです。