Today, I read a bool titled "Gupta in Wonderland (Fushigi no k...

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Dec 30, 2014 23:55 English daily TOEIC
Today, I read a bool titled "Gupta in Wonderland (Fushigi no kuni no Gupta)".

In this book, Indian named Gupta living in the world of TOEIC test realize various things gradually.

I had took TOEIC tests several times, so when I read the book, I thought "It could happen!!" frequently and I enjoyed it.

For example, in the world of TOEIC, there are many laws as following;

1. A Flight will always delayed definitely.

2. A Photocopier will be broken or paper will run out always.

3. A reservation of dentist will be made change always.

4. Indian names of the world are Gupta or Singh always.

Besides, the other various laws are exist in this world.

I realized the world of TOEIC test is strange certainly.

Since now I know these laws, I think taking a TOEIC test become a little fun.




1. 飛行機は必ず遅れます。

2. コピー機は必ず故障するか、紙が無くなります。

3. 歯医者の予約は、必ず変更させられます。

4. インド人の名前はグプタかシンです。



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