Tama ni Kizu (玉に瑕 - Even the Sun Has Spots)

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Oct 20, 2018 15:32 English essay
Tama ni Kizu

Is there a perfect person or thing around you?

I think that most people and things have shortcomings, even if they look perfect.

If you want to describe a person or thing that looks perfect but has a slight shortcoming like this, you can use the proverb 'tama ni kizu' (玉に瑕).

'Tama' (玉) means "jewelry" and 'kizu' (瑕) means "scratch" or "fault."

This proverb was born in China, and originally it literally meant "a slight scratch/scar on a beautiful jewelry," but these days it often used to mean "a person who looks perfect but has a small fault."