Sanma (サンマ - "Pacific Saury")

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Sep 23, 2019 22:19 English essay

The season when 'sanma' (サンマ) becomes delicious is approaching.

'Sanma' means "Pacific saury," and is sold throughout the year, but you can eat delicious saury with a lot of fat in the fishing season, autumn.

'Sanma' is written in kanji as 秋刀魚, because it is fish (魚) that looks like a sword (刀), and is caught in autumn (秋),

Unfortunately, this year the price of 'sanma' has extremely increased due to the poor catch.

A few years ago 'sanma' was around 100 yen each, whereas it is around 300-400 yen each now.


"Pacific saury" を意味する「サンマ」は、一年中販売されていますが、漁獲シーズンの秋は特に脂の乗った美味しいサンマを食べることができます。