Five-yen Coin

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Oct 13, 2019 22:31 English essay
Five-yen Coin

Usually, there is 'saisenbako' (賽銭箱) in Japanese shrines and temples.

'Saisen' (賽銭) means money that is dedicated when you pray for something to gods/Buddha, or when your prayer was fulfilled.

In addition, 'bako/hako' (箱) means "box," so 'saisenbako' means an offertory box.

The most popular coin to put in there is 'goen-dama' (五円玉 - "five-yen coin").

This is because 'goen' (五円 - "five-yen") has the same sound as 'goen' (ご縁), which means "relationship."

People devote a five-yen coin in hopes of having a good encounter.



また、「箱」は "box" を意味するので、「賽銭箱」はその金銭を入れる箱というわけです。


「五円」は ”relationship” を意味する「ご縁」と同音であるからです。