Unlucky Coins Part 2

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Oct 14, 2019 22:29 English essay
Unlucky Coins Part 2

Yesterday, I introduced 'jūen-dama' (十円玉 - "ten-yen coin") and 'gohyakuen-dama' (五百円玉 - "five-hundred-yen coin"), which are unpopular/unlucky coins as offertory money, and explained the reason for the former.

The reason for the latter is as follows:

'Dama/tama' (玉) meaning "coin" can be rephrased as 'kōka' (硬貨).

'Kōka' (硬貨) has the same sound as 効果, which means "effect."

In addition, the most expensive coin in Japan is "five-hundred-yen coin."

In other words, there are no coins (effects) larger than that.
縁起の悪いお賽銭 Part 2



"Coin" を意味する「玉」は、「硬貨」と言い換えることができます。

「硬貨」は、"effect" を意味する「効果」と同音です。