Daishiteru (だいしてる - I Love You)

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Apr 14, 2018 13:16 English essay
I think that if you are learning Japanese, you would know the meanings of Japanese phrases, "daisuki" (大好き) and "aishiteru" (愛してる).

"Daisuki" means "I like you very much," and "aishiteru" means "I love you."

Today, I learned that recent young women use a coined word "daishiteru" (だいしてる), which is short for "daisuki, aishiteru."

In fact, "daishiteru" ranked as the number 3 on "Gyaru Ryukogo Taisho" (ギャル流行語大賞 - Girls' Keywords-of-the-Year contest) in 2017.

However, note that since "dai" (だい/大) is sometimes used as a metaphor for "stool," some people might regard "daishiteru" as "I'm stooling."


「大好き」 は "I like you very much," 「愛してる」は "I love you" です。