Atarimae (当たり前 - No Wonder) Part 1

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Sep 11, 2019 17:38 English essay
Atarimae Part 1

When referring to something obvious or what everybody knows, you can use the Japanese term 'atarimae' (当たり前).

There are two major theories about the etymology.

The first theory is that it comes from the terminology used by fishermen and farmers.

When dividing the fish or crops, they called the divided parts for others 'wakemae' (分け前), and called the divided part for oneself 'torimae' (取り前).

Also, the divided part per person was called 'atarimae' (当たり前), because "per person" can be translated as 'hitori atari' (一人当たり) in Japanese.

Since receiving 'atarimae' is a legitimate right, it has come to the current meanings.
当たり前 Part 1