Ato no Matsuri (後の祭り - Too Late) Part 1

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Oct 7, 2019 18:51 English essay
Ato no Matsuri Part 1

I often get into a situation called 'ato no matsuri' (後の祭り).

Since 'ato' (後) means "latter" and 'matsuri' (祭り) means "festival," the literal meaning of 'ato no matsuri' is "latter festival," but it actually means a situation where something is too late.

There are two major theories about its etymology.

One theory says that it comes from the Gion Festival in Kyoto.

The Gion Festival takes place throughout a month, and it consists of two parts: 'Saki-matsuri' (前祭 - "Pre-Festival") and 'Ato-matsuri' (後祭 - "Post-Festival").

Since the 'Ato-matsuri' is relatively low-key, it came to mean "too late" or "let a chance go by."
後の祭り Part 1


「後」は "latter"、「祭り」は "festival" を意味するので、「後の祭り」の文字どおりの意味は "festival" ですが、実際には「時機を逸して何かが手遅れになること」を意味します。