Shinkiro (蜃気楼 - Mirage)

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Apr 21, 2018 17:24 English essay
When there is a density difference in the atmosphere, light could be significantly refracted.

In such a case, you may see something that doesn't exist, floating buildings, or upside down scenery.

This phenomenon is referred to as "mirage" in English, whereas we call it "shinkiro" (蜃気楼).

"Shin" (蜃) of "shinkiro" means "big clam," "ki" (気) means "breath," and "楼" means "high buildings."

In the past in China, people thought that non-existence high buildings were drawn by a breath of a big clam.

Because of this, such a phenomenon has been called "shinkiro."


英語ではこの現象を "mirage" と言いますが、日本語えは「蜃気楼」と言います。