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"I love movies, and American jokes"

I live in Kanazawa, Japan.

I've a daughter in college and a 15 years old Honda Odyssey which is my faithful and durable partner and my life-time best friend. The car is also like a younger brother to my daughter.

Of course, she loves him very much, because she chose to buy that car herself. (not as a slave, but as a family member).

Now we are aware of his age. What shall we do when he becomes too old to run?

I love long rides in the car, all over Japan.

Once when I traveled to NZ and AU. I drove for a couple of weeks in each country, namely visiting some forgotten distant corners where sightseers never get to, sleeping in the caravan, or camping car, with no hotel to stay at all.

Crazy? Yes, LOL I am.

At times, I would post my translated jokes. Also, I am interested in translating Japanese movies' dialogues into English subtitles, and vice versa.

At present moment , I'm into Indian movies with English subtitles.

I've a strict sense of Japanese language, and qualified for business letters, and literary expressions that are difficult to manage for younger generations.

I will always do my best in everything, so I believe that I can help with your Japanese studies.

In return, I'd like you to help me with my English.

Let's have a lot of fun.

Thank you.

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"Elderly Drivers and Elderly Doctors"

"Elderly Drivers and Elderly Doctors" Please do understand that I've no intentions to blame or humiliate the doctors. ...
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  • English 
Apr 11, 2018 12:27 doctors medical failure traffic

"Death of starvation 70 years ago like Socrates 2,500 years ago" With native lang

Is this an old trivia or a serious matter of today? First of all, have a look at CORRUPTION PERCEPTIONS INDEX 2017: https://www.trans...
  • 187
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  • English 
Apr 10, 2018 18:57 WWII tragedy

"Money is the best lawyer in hell" With native lang

"Money is the best lawyer in hell" About ten years ago, when I lived in Tokyo, I had chosen a general hospital as our family...
  • 306
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  • English 
Apr 6, 2018 22:41 hell cartoon hospital

"Ghost in Japan" With native lang

"Ghost in Japan" I was reading my local newspaper today. I came across a column "Today's word." That read: ...
  • 298
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  • English 
Apr 4, 2018 22:52 ghost

"The Complexities of Japanese" With native lang

"The Complexities of Japanese" The other day I heard some lang8's mate complained of: A lot of ways to say the same thin...
  • 245
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  • English 
Apr 1, 2018 16:06 Japanese language learning difficulty
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Testimonials from My Friends

Consider yourself lucky to have stumbled upon kama's page. Kama is helpful in correcting sentences. He will look at them as a whole instead of line by line. He will transform your amateur sentences into 120% authentic native Japanese version, which you can impress your friends and teachers with.
返事が遅くなり大変申し訳ありません。お待ちいただけますか。^^ こちらから先にお友達の申請しなければならなかったのに!!!(ありがとうございます! ^^)