Udemy Programming Instructor Debut

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May 20, 2018 12:17
Hi, this is my it's-been-a-while post, because I've been working so hard to create my Udemy course.

Do you know Udemy? It's an online education platform located in San Francisco.

I've launched a course where I can teach Programming with React and Redux.

It's a way to code in a modern style for front end side web development.

I'm a starter and need to get more 5 stared scores to get more viewed by visitors.

If you are interested in taking my courses, here is the link so that you can purchase by 10 dollars.


Please take a look at my introduction video I introduce my course in Japanese.

* This coupon is limited up to 30 people.

If my course would be successful, it could be also released in English and your help would be needed!

ありがとう for reading this!