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This group aims to recruit people who help EACH OTHER to make recordings of their diary entries.

For example, I'm currently learning Spanish and my native language is Mandarin Chinese. I want to find native Spanish speakers to record my diary entries so I can listen to them and learn to speak fluently and naturally. In return, I want to help people in this group to record their entries in Chinese if they're learning Chinese.

How do we make recordings? Easy! In addition to other recording devices, you can also use a computer with a microphone (if you have a laptop, chances are you already have a built-in one!) with the help of recording softwares to do so.

Among many free softwares on the internet, I recommend Stepover Recorder which can be downloaded at http://stepvoice.com/download.shtml (click on "Download old freeware version (1.0b)" After unzipping and installing the program, you can immediately start to record an entry.

However, if you want to improve the sound quality of your recordings, you might want to fine-tune your program just a little bit:

1. Start the program. Go to "Options" --> "Program Options" --> "Recording"

A. drag the "MP3 bitrate (kbps)" bar to between 64 and 96 (so it will record at 64kbps).

B. Choose "Stereo" under the "Channels" option. Press "Yes."

C. Every time before you start to record anything, go to "File" --> "New" to create a new file, then you can start recording!

2. Don't forget to check the sound quality after you record an entry. Here are a few tips:

A. Speake LOUDER so the microphone can pick up your voice.

B. Put your mouth CLOSER to the microphone so it can pick up your voice.

C. Try to reduce the background noise (music, wind, talk, etc).

D. Try to speak slowly, clearly, but also NATURALLY so it helps people who listen to your recordings.

I love this website. It's great that you have native speakers to correct your mistakes when you try to learn a foreign language. However, one flaw of this website, in terms of language learning, is that it's based only on writing. Learning a language, however, means you have to learn to speak it as well. But how?

I discovered that just keeping diary every day is not enough. Why not we take those corrected diary entries and memorize them and recite them out loud? Doing so, we will be able to practice not just writing, but speaking as well.

One problem, though, is that as non-native speakers, we often mispronounce words or speak with a rather bizarre accent. Therefore, if we can find native speakers to make recordings of each other's entries, listen to them before or even while we practice reading it outloud. Isn't that great?

Joining this group doesn't mean you have to commit to anything, but just keep in mind that we're here to help each other. Join us!

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May 15, 2011

Wanted: Spanish

I would like to find native SPANISH speakers to make recordings for me. Is anyone interested? Thanks a lot!