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Here we're playing in "30 words game".
The rules are easy
(you can also find rules in russian and in korean in group's first topic):
1. find in a group person you want to play with. it's strongly recommended to search lang-match person. ex. if you're native english speaker learning chinese, find a person, who's chinese and is learning english
2. ask him\her to play with you
3. give him\her 30 random words. It can be nouns, verbs, adjectives or any other words. it will be better if you will give the words on "opponents' " native language. But actually there's no rule about it)
4. receive 30 random words from your "opponent"
5. make a story on the language you learn, using all 30 words. But hey, it's not so easy! because...
6. you can't use more than 2 words from the list in 1 sentence. because if you will, the next words after the first 2 don't count, but...
7. If you've already used any word from the list, it's okay to write a sentence with 2 new and one used word, or
8. you should just use uncounted word later.
9. the story must be logical, but it can be improbable.
10. you can write sentences without any words from the list, it's okay
11. make it funny
12. You must end it within 24 hours
13. post it in your journal, available for all lang-8 or internet users. please, write also in the end the link to this group. it's not an indispensable condition. but please, just do it.
14. post here a link on the story or set the tag "30 words game"
15. have experience, receiving corrections
16. if you'd like to know, who's the winner...
so. the winner is the one, who had less mistakes than the other. but, honestly, we don't need a winner. right?

so please join us. the game will be more interesting, if lots of people will be in.

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Aug 30, 2010

#1. Rules.

I'm absolutely sure that we have to translate the rules in other languages. So please, translate it in your native language, if there...


Mar 18, 2011


If you want to play, write here about.. =))