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We love EXO! All fans of all languages welcome! (Currently in: English, 日本語.)


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Let's make language exchange friends that share this same interest! I don't really know what we'd talk about yet but I'm sure fans are always excited to meet other fans! (I know I always am!)

Here are some ideas: (If you have any other ideas you would like to discuss, I'm definitely open to them!)

1. Discussions dedicated to different languages so you can meet people who speak that language. (e.g. Korean EXO thread! or Japanese EXO thread! or English EXO thread! and then you can meet people who are learning or want to learn each of those languages in that thread.)
2. EXO related topics
4. Or simply have this group as a badge to meet other EXO fans on Lang8.

This is my first group so...let me know if there's anything I can do to improve it!

If you want to translate this so that I can post it up here, that'd be great! All languages are welcome!

I don't think I have to say this, but I will anyway: NO HATING! If you want to hate on EXO, go take your business elsewhere. Don't hate on other Lang 8 users, don't hate on other's opinions, etc. You can respectfully disagree, but no hate. :) I have a zero tolerance for hate. If we get haters, I will have to make this group request to join and members post only.

I will be making topics with English names, but I will have a table of contents with translations of the titles for each topic (since I can't edit topics once they are made).

Note: My native language is English (and I can read quite a bit Japanese, not a lot of Traditional Chinese, negligible amounts of French and Spanish). Just so you know.

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Feb 8, 2017


皆さん: こんにちは、 私はAmazonでショルダーバッグやリュックサックやボディバッグやウエストバッグなどを販売しています。 現在は無料でバッグを差し上げます 、商品が無事に、お手元に届きましたら 評価より、お知らせ頂ければ嬉しく思います。 これは弊店のリンク...