The history of Olympic games - part 1

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Aug 6, 2014 01:26
Many years ago ancient Greeks waged wars. Small lands suffered and they had heavy losses even if they were neutral and they weren't involve in wars. The ruler of the one of these lands, named Elida, wanted to live in peace with his neighbors. He was a good diplomat because he succeed in negotiations. As a result, Elida was admitted as a neutral land. He organized sport games to celebrate this achievement.

First, this holiday continued for one day, but later it was devoted the whole month. When the holiday began, messengers were sent to the different parts of Greece to stop wars.

The games were hold once in four years in Olympia, into Elida. The first games, later named Olympic games, were hold about 1000BC.

Olympic games were usually begun in the beginning of summer. The best athletes come from many Greek lands to Olympia to compete in running, jumping lengthwise, throwing a disk or a spear and wrestling. Eventually boxing and chariot races were also added in Games.