In the Middle of the Night 01

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Sep 21, 2019 11:13 Diary Story Challenge Reflection Work English
When Ashley abruptly woke up, she was lying on a very rough floor made of old wood. All of a sudden she became afraid. It is a dreadful nightmare, she thought. She was alone inside of an old building in the middle of the night. She was sure that it was an old building because she is a photographer and a while ago she came into a few of these buildings to take pictures.
The queer part comes when she tried to look out the nearest window. She saw the snow and the snowflakes falling down. It might a very queer dream, in Pretoria, South Africa it is almost impossible to have this kind of weather.
Her mind now is stricken by confusing thoughts. "Where am I?" - she muttered as long as she starts to cry slightly. She doesn't know how and why she is there but still she wants to be quiet. She doesn't know who else is in the building, probably in that old rooms were settled inside some mad junkies or another unknown threat. It is imperative to be wary inside.
She took a few time to clog all those stimuli whose reluctant sensations kept her stifled down on the floor. The anxiety-prone at her one in a while tamed her body, but she always tries hard to hold it back.
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