Spring Comes with Cherry Blossoms in Japan 1/3 (CORRECTED)

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Mar 29, 2015 01:38
Every year around this time of the season, most areas of Japan are starting to see cherry blossoms. They are the flowers that herald the coming of spring.

On March 23, the Japan Meteorological Agency made an official announcement of cherry blossoms in bloom in Tokyo. The Japan’s weather agency makes this official “declaration” every year. And in the evening that day, it was the top story on NHK's 7 o'clock news report. Yes, we live in a very peaceful country, thankfully.

Cherry blossoms are special flowers to us. The pale pink color―not vivid red or bright yellow―look gracious, and their tiny petals look somewhat fragile. Beautiful yet fleeting, cherry blossoms resonate in the hearts of the Japanese people. There are countless songs that have “sakura (meaning cherry in Japanese)” in their titles or lyrics. You may have read other entries about cherry blossoms written by other Japanese Lang-8ers.

Once in flower, they come into full bloom in about a week, depending on the area. There is no shortage of information on what days cherry flowers are expected to bloom or have bloomed in your area, how much they are in bloom as of today, or what days they are expected to come into full bloom. There are dozens of sites that provide you with detailed information showing pictures, maps, charts and so on.

All across Japan, there are numerous spots for cherry blossom viewing. On a weekend during the blooming period, those places―mostly parks―are jammed with visitors who want to appreciate the flowers in bloom.

Imagine yourself on a sunny day, you take a stroll in a park and see rows and rows of cherry trees with pink flowers in full bloom. Even if you don’t like being in the crowd, you’ll find it hard to be grumpy. It’s going to be a day that you’ll remember for a long time.

(This entry has already been corrected and revised.)

To be continued in Part 2/3:http://lang-8.com/997612/journals/160470773065678782350765970878173578286
春の到来を告げる桜 ーその1