Spring Comes with Cherry Blossoms in Japan 2/3 (CORRECTED)

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Mar 29, 2015 02:18
Continued from 1/2
We don’t just go out and see the cherry blossoms—we also eat and drink beneath them. On weekends or in the evenings after work, friends and co-workers and families come to the park with foods and drinks. They sit in circles on blue tarps under the cherry blossoms and raise toasts with canned beer. They eat, drink, and—occasionally—get drunk while viewing cherry flowers in bloom.

Sounds nice, doesn't it? But it takes some effort to have a good time. If it’s a popular place, there is competition for good spot. Someone in your group has to come earlier―sometimes ridiculously earlier―to reserve a spot for a large group for this so-called "cherry-blossom viewing party." There are also websites where you can find some tips and advice on how to prepare as well as to secure a good spot.

Would you prefer to appreciate the cherry flowers more quietly and privately? Then maybe these places aren't for you. There are always cherry trees in your neighborhood, in residential areas and downtown. Almost all schools have cherry trees on their grounds. Even in the middle of the business district in Tokyo, you can see cherry trees on the streets. You see office workers stopping to take pictures with their smartphones.

When they bloom in full, they are beautiful, needless to say. If the tree is old and big, you will be amazed how dense the flowers are in the tree. Every single flower of every single branch will be in full bloom. You may even feel a sense of awe. At least, you may find yourself not wanting to leave. Cherry blossoms in the night are also impressive. Trees just half in bloom with the other half only buds are also pretty.

What I like is after the full-bloom, when flower petals start falling. Tens of―or perhaps hundreds of―thousands of pink petals swirl in the air. On a windy day, they are whisked into the wind, like a snowstorm. The scenery is beyond description.

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To be continued in 3/3:http://lang-8.com/997612/journals/134344208022854390716135631355043643541
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