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Sep 10, 2014 20:40 music
I love listening to music, going to concerts. The music is very special in my life. Every day I listen to something, I read some articles about old and new bands, rhythms. Of course, British music has a place of honor in my musical tastes. I started to listen to it when I was a teen, in the days of the nineties when Britpop was playing on the radio and all the media talked about the fight between Oasis and Blur. And from there, I've gone knowing more groups traveling back in time. The lyrics have helped me to learn new words, I hear different accents but I recognize that the songs often makes references (places, events) that I don't know.
I'm Spanish and recommemd to people from other countries, listening to Flamenco. Sorryyyyy! It's obvious!!! I like more Flamenco mixed with other rhythms but it's really a music deeply and join to the soul both in joy and in sorrow.