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Sep 3, 2014 20:06 letter informal
Dear Sara and John,
Sorry for not writing earlier but I've been busy since I got back for my return to work.I've started two weeks ago.
I'm writing to thank you to let me stay in your flat that week last month. I had a very good time. I practiced my English a lot and I think I've improved it. I've been able to to speak every day. Also, thanks for your pactience.
I loved the day we had a picnic in Hyde park, it was lucky to coincide with a concert outdoors.
Don't forget to accept my invitation to come here, Cádiz in the next summer. I will prepare many plans..Would you like to join a surf course?. I asked for they and are not very expensive. We will visite all the beaches and their "chiringuitos" in the province of Cádiz.
I hope to wear from you soon.
Best wishes.
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