Yellowstone イェッロストーン(黄色石)の化石化森と温泉

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Oct 30, 2014 02:42
Yellowstone イェッロストーン(黄色石)の化石化森と温泉
Yellowstone Petrified Forest and Hot Springs
In Yellowstone National Park there is a petrified forest. Yellowstone was born from a volcano, but now the magma is deep. A long time ago, a lot of volcanic ash covered trees. The trees died, and turned to rock. After a while, water and wind took the ash. Now, you can see stones that look like trees. You cannot see this from the road, but you must walk a little.
In Yellowstone, there are hot springs. But do not bathe in the hot springs! One day, a boy fell in a hot spring, and died in less than a minute. The hot springs are almost boiling. The hot springs are various colors. There are red, blue, and yellow hot springs. There is the smell of sulfur.
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