"Neutrino Hunters" 「ニユトリノの猟師」

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Dec 12, 2014 08:42
"Neutrino Hunters" 「ニユトリノの猟師」
Neutrino Hunters
This book is about nuclear physics. It is written for ordinary people, so there are no wave equations. It is about the history of neutrino research and current research. But, it begins with a summary. Neutrinos are small particles without electric charge. It is difficult to detect neutrinos. Currently, a new neutrino detector is being used in Antartica. It detects blue light in ice. Recently, there was some erroneous research suggesting that neutrinos travel faster than light. There were problems with the electronics.
After this in the book, Pauli's research on beta decay is explained. Beta decay produces an electron, but the electron does not have all the energy. Where is the energy? Tomorrow, I will write more about this book.
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