"Craters of the Moon"

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Sep 29, 2014 08:08
"Craters of the Moon"
アイダホにCraters of the Moon「月のクレーター」の国公園があります。昔時代、数千年前、火山を噴火して、と溶岩は地面をおっきます。今日、訪問できます。溶岩を見られる、でも今日は固いです。溶岩の上に歩けて、と溶岩の洞窟で登ります。今、土地は黒そうです。
Craters of the Moon
In Idaho there is Craters of the Moon National Park. Many ages ago, thousands of years ago, a volcano erupted, and covered the surface of the land with lava. Today, you can visit. You can see the lava, but today it is hard. You can walk on top of it, and you can climb in the lava caves. Now, the land looks black.