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Finnish language lover, pianist, graduated in Law and with a huge taste for freedom, Canadian pork loin, Uralic languages and occultism. RR has been studying Finnish for some years and sold his soul to devil in order to understand its fucking hard grammar. Now he is looking towards improving his vocabulary in Finnish and in Spoken Finnish (without looking like a rap singer)

He also speaks English, French and a little bit of Swedish since it's Finland's second official language. Sometimes he studies Hungarian in order to kill a linguistic curiosity. He is truly convinced there is no language that could be more amazing than Finnish. Tired of seeing people choosing French or Spanish instead of Brazilian Portuguese to study, he prays to god to find someone who is interested in his mother tongue.

"Kun on kännissä, väärissä juhlissa, kesä on kaikilla, myös ylpeytensä menettäneillä..." :))

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A lesson of sovereignty from Indonesia to Brazil

Vankina Indonesiassa, brasilialainen huumekauppias nimeltään Marco Archer tuomittiin kuolemanrangaistukseen¹ vuonna 2004. Hän pidätettiin...
  • 529
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  • Finnish 
Jan 20, 2015 12:07

Matkalla Suomeen :D

(Coloquial language... and ignoring some conjugation rules :PP) Oikeustieteen opiskelijana, minusta tulee asianajaja pian (2016:na). T...
  • 1063
  • 10
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  • Finnish 
Mar 27, 2014 05:01

Pohdintoja mun elämästä

Ok, mä oon ollu tosi kiireinen viime aikoina mut mä aion kirjoittaa jotain tänne vain koska... ööö tarvitsen kirjoittaa jotain ^^ En oike...
  • 731
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  • Finnish 
Aug 31, 2013 12:29

Ootko sie ekstrovertti ihminen?

Recording/äänitys: https://audioboo.fm/boos/1543199-ootko-sie-ekstrovertti-ihminen Lasken mut ekstrovertiks tyypiks¹ ja mulla on suur...
  • 592
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  • Finnish 
Aug 11, 2013 12:34

Miehistä viis!

Eilen mä menin mun kaverin kaa yökerhoon. Se mun kaveri oli surun murtama sen suhteen lopun takii Mä tiedän sen mitä se tuntee, mä er...
  • 696
  • 17
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  • Finnish 
Jul 22, 2013 01:06
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Georgian language. ქართული ენა.
You can learn Georgian in this group. Join me!

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Testimonials from My Friends

I'm so glad I've found on this site such a nice person and a great teacher like Rafael. he is always willing to help and knows how to do it like a professional. he also writes such an interesting entries which I just love to read! (but sadly too many times they are in languages I just don't know haha) I just feel like a lucky person to meet such a great guy as Rafael! :)
Rafael is a very kind and clever guy, so I'm very glad I've met him here on lang-8! There aren't so many people who have such good qualities as he has! He's really very friendly and intelligent, so I feel rather free talking to him :) I also can't but say about his great brain - he knows an uncountable quantity of languages! That's really WOW! :D So, Rafael, I wish you will always be such a nice and good guy :DD
Rafael is a super friend that I consider my bigger bro. He is very smart and can communicate in a number of languages that is just impressing. He is a kind boy and very funny too! And never miss an opportunitie to make people learn finnish weather they may want or not ^^
Rafael is a really intelligent, friendly, helpful guy who already speaks more languages than most people ever will! I am really grateful to him, since he has helped me so much with my Portuguese. He is very talented and he has really impressed me with his Finnish skills and also with his immense motivation for learning more. Eu realmente gosto desse cara! Thanks for everything! :)
Motivated, smart, kind and funny might be the words you'd use for describing him. :D Arrogant?! :O Nah! Never. Wanna share my secret?...He tries to motivate the people to learn the languages that he learns... So you'll get your nose broken if you call that arrogance. ;) Thanx Rafa! :)