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Jan 14, 2015 14:54
書きすぎたと思う。ごめんなさい!Lang-8友達のKenさんに書いた(これを読めば、こんにちは!(^o^)/) 、でも共有したかった。そして、日本語でいつかの翻訳を加えてみた。全部の文章を正して必要がないよ。たくさん書きたなので、1文章を正せばだけ、大丈夫だよ。(^―^) 読んでくれて本当にありがとうー!

I read a dialog again. I'm just making up pitch levels haha. (;´^ o ^`)

•No-brainer (noun)-an easy thought/decision; something you don't even have to think about;とっても易しい決定/思い。
"Proposing to her is a no-brainer for me because I love her so much."
•To blow someone away-to extremely impress someone;すごく感動する
"Your English is so good, it blew me away!"
•You rock-you are great; you are the best;君はいちばんだよ!
•To hang in there-to wait or be patient at tough times;難しいだけど、待つ。
"It's easy to give up, but you have to hang in there!"
•To hit the books-to study;勉強する
"I can't go to the party tonight, because I have a test tomorrow, so I'm just gonna hit the books."
•To freak out-to go crazy, anxious over something; lose control; to scare; 怖がらせる;心配しすぎる
"I'm freaking out right now because my project is due tomorrow and I haven't even started!"
When someone scares you, you can say "You freaked me out!"
•To get out of hand-to lose control of; to get out of control; 日本語でどう言う、わからない。(_ _|||) ごめんなさい!
"The party next door got out of hand and the neighbors complained to the cops."
•To get your head around something-to understand; to believe; わかる; 信じる
"I can't get my head around the fact that he lied to me."
•To get it out of your system-when you've had something on your mind like guilt or something that has been bothering you for quite a while and you just couldn't keep in. ごめいわくを出す必要があるとき"?"
"I had to get it out of my system, so I told him I didn't like him anymore."
•To go the extra mile-to make extra effort; to do more than what you planned to do; 十二分にする
"I'm gonna go the extra mile and run another mile just for the sake of it."
•To step up your game-to try harder;to do better; 前より上手になる;前より頑張る
"If I really want to become fluent in English, I have to step up my game!"
•To pull yourself together-to calm down and act as oneself again; 落ち着く
"I had such a bad day today, but I have to pull myself together because I don't want to affect other people!"
•To cut or give someone some slack-to give someone a break; to not give too much work; 休み時間をあげる; 難しい仕事を下げる
"I wish my boss would cut me some slack because I'm always so tired."
•To go down in flames-to end or fail suddenly;突然失敗する
"Their relationship went down in flames due to financial issues."

•Awesome (adjective)-cool;すごい!
•To Chill Out-to hang out;to relax;落ち着く;過ごす
Person 1: "What were you doing over the weekend?"
Person 2: "I was just chilling out with my friends."
When your friend is freaking out, you can say, "Chill out."
•Wheels (noun)-car;車
"My dad got me some new wheels!"
•To be amped-to be excited about something;楽しみにしている。
"I am so amped up about going to the party tonight!"
•To be busted- to be caught or found doing something wrong;悪い何かをしながら見つけた"?"
"She was busted by the cops for stealing."
•To have a blast-to have a good time 楽しい時間を過ごす
"Thank you for inviting me to your party! I had a blast!"
•Crush (noun)-someone you romantically like;好きな人
"I have a crush on John" (I like John)
•To dump somebody-to break up with; to end a relationship with;別れる
"I dumped my girlfriend because she always lies to me."
•Ex (noun)-former boyfriend or girlfriend;元彼氏/元彼女
•To be hooked on to something-to be addicted to; to get so caught onto something because you like it so much;何かにハマってる
"I love this new Pokemon game that I bought! I'm hooked!"
•To be in-to be trending;popular;流行る
"Wearing skinny jeans are so in right now!
•Sick (adjective)-to be awesome or cool;そごい
"I love your new car. It's sick!"
•Dunno/IDK-I don't know;知らない;わからない
•Rip off (noun)-something that is not worth the price/ overpriced;高すぎるのもの
"This new bike that I bought was a rip off! It doesn't even work and it was too expensive!"
•To be ripped off (verb)-to be cheated out of something;to be sold something grossly overpriced; 誰かに売り方が高すぎる"?"
"The 7-11 employee sold me a can of coke for $10, when it was only supposed to be a $1. He ripped me off."
•Unreal (adjective)(Good/bad connotation)(悪いの感じ;良いの感じ)-unbelievable;あり得ない!;マジで
"Sushi is unreal, it's so good!"
"It's unreal how they got my order wrong."
•To give props-giving credit, respect, or recognition; 認知をあげる"?"
"I give props to all my fans who listen to my music."
•Bottom Line (noun)-the main point, the most important to consider; いちばん大切なこと
"Don't think about how hard it is. The bottom line is that in the end it will all be worth it!"
•To dig-to really like or enjoy something;楽しむ
"I am really digging my new skirt."
•To ace-to do extremely well; とっても上手くやる。
"I got a 99 on my test! I aced it!"
•Piece of cake (noun)-something that is really easy;易しすぎるのこと
"Running is a piece of cake for me."
•Cheers (saying)-かんぱい!

正直に言うと、もう何を書けば良いかわからない…(・'-・`) 私のentriesはちょっとバカだね。(笑)
I think I wrote too much. I'm so sorry haha! I wrote this for my lang-8 friend, Ken, but I wanted to share it here. I also tried to add some Japanese translations. You don't have to correct all of my sentences. Since I wrote a lot, it's okay even if you only correct one sentence! Thank you so much for reading.
Honestly, I don't exactly know what to write anymore haha. My entries are kinda stupid. Lol.
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