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My Mother-In-Law Being Obsessed with Weeding 草むしりにとりつかれている義母

A few days ago, I applied some herbicide onto a part of the vegetable field and the yard. 4日ほど前に畑や庭の一部に除草剤を撒きました。 This is mainly beca...
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Aug 4, 2019 08:10
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Herbicide and Shower 除草剤と夕立

Weeding is hard endless work, especially in the summertime, when weeds grow fast. 草むしりは、やってもやってもきりがない、大変な作業です。特に夏は草がどんどん成長します。 As a...
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Aug 2, 2019 09:06
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“The Trouble with Women” 『問題だらけの女性たち』

I read a hilarious book. とっても笑える本を読みました。 It's Jacky Fleming’s “The Trouble with Women.” ジャッキー・フレミング著『問題だらけの女性たち』です。 Things w...
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Jun 25, 2019 15:58
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Welcoming Speech at the Entrance Ceremony of Tokyo University 東京大学の入学式の祝辞 With native lang

Ueno Chizuko, a professor emerita of Tokyo University and sociologist, delivered a welcoming speech at the matriculation ceremony of the ...
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Apr 29, 2019 09:09
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Vietnamese and Indonesian News Programs in Japan 日本のベトナム語ニュースとインドネシア語ニュース

This month, the NHK, Japan’s public broadcasting corporation, started broadcasting radio news programs in Vietnamese and Indonesian langu...
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Apr 9, 2019 09:54 ベトナム Vietnam インドネシア Indonesia
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Testimonials from My Friends

Makoto B
Paco-san is excellent about her explanations when she corrects your entries. They are detailed corrections, and she is very through when she corrects. Not only that, she gives alternate ways of writing out a sentence, which is very helpful in making one's language flexible. From her corrections I have learned a lot about Japanese, and it's been very helpful when I speak and write the language. She also has interesting and informed comments when she corrects, and her own entries are useful when trying to practice reading Japanese. By far, she's easily one of the best resources on this site.

You have the gift to catch people's attention, all your entries amuses me and everyone else! You are awesome! Thanks for all your help and dedication!
One of the most helpful people on this site! Always weighs in on things with a really informed opinion in Japanese, which further helps :)
I am very thankful to Pacoさん! Not only she always carefully correct my entries, but also writes very interesting comments. Needless to say, also what she writes in her journal is extremely interesting, and what's more she writes bilingually, which is an exceptionally good help for me. ありがとうございますPacoさん!頑張ってくれ!I hope you will decide to get back writing in Italian!