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Feb 20, 2019 00:21 oral presentation city literature literary topic literary book books poets author novel english classe classes
My name is Prune Thiry and I’m 21 years old. I’m studying modern literature at university Jean Moulin Lyon 3 in MA of literature. My research subject is the place of the French notion of “absence” in four contemporary books. The places fill an important role because, most of the time, they are the heart of the absence, the heart of the lack. So, the idea of doing a presentation about portraits of cities in literature is a great opportunity to me.

For that presentation, I would talk about the city as a motive of inspiration in literature. We know that poets used the city as their inspiration around the 19th and 20th century, particularly Baudelaire and Verlaine. They wandered in the city to find inspiration for their poems. The city was changing. The modernity was linked to the intimate life. So, the city was an element of modernity in the literature and permitted to new literary forms to appear as prose poem. But, as for now, the city isn’t a such bigger inspiration than before anymore. Especially in poetry. We don’t wander as much as before. So, we can say the place of the city has changed in inspiration.

That’s why I chose to work on that topic. I think it’s interesting to evaluate the importance of the city in literature as a motive of inspiration. Indeed, the city as an illustration of modernity permits to understand the changes appeared in the society. The city isn’t a unique element, it’s in relation with many other elements. It’s forms a microcosm.